92 Pacific Boulevard by Debbie Macomber

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92 Pacific Boulevard

Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,

I’m not much of a letter writer. As the sheriff here, I’m used to writing incident reports, not chatty letters. But my daughter, Megan—who’ll be making me a grandfather soon—told me I had to do this. So here goes.

I’ll tell you straight out that I’d hoped to marry Faith Beckwith (my onetime high school girlfriend) but she ended the relationship last month, even though we’re both widowed and available. There were a few misunderstandings between us, some of them inadvertently caused by Megan.

However, I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied, like the unidentified remains found in a cave outside town. And the fact that my friend Judge Olivia Griffin is fighting cancer. And the break-ins at 204 Rosewood Lane—the house Faith happens to be renting from Grace Harding…

If you want to hear more, come on over to my place or to the sheriff’s office—if you can stand the stale coffee!

Troy Davis

* * * * * * *

92 Pacific Boulevard is the latest book in the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. This is such a relaxed and nice series. There are recurring main characters and then usually a few new ones in each book. Some of the story lines continue in successive books – which is fine with me because I don’t always like things tied up in a bow at the end of a book. There are a couple of mysteries in this installment. Will they be solved? You’ll have to read to find out. I guess this book could stand alone but I would recommend starting at the beginning. You’ll get to know the characters at a nice pace. I look forward to my next visit to Cedar Cove.