Labor Day by Joyce Maynard

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Labor Day is not your run-of-the-mill love story. It’s about Henry – a shy, lonely 13 year old boy who lives with his emotionally fragile mother across town from his father and his new family. It’s almost Labor Day weekend which means school will be starting in a week. That is why Henry and his mother Adele go shopping for clothes at a local discount store. It’s at the store where they meet a stranger (Frank) and bring him home. And that is the start of a very unique love story.

Author Joyce Maynard explores some really interesting issues: the love between single parent and child; single parent and an unexpected chance for new love; and children of divorce feeling a lack of control over their lives. It’s a lot to cover in a novel that’s less than 250 pages but Ms. Maynard’s story is a satisfying one that I know I’ll be thinking about for quite a while.
Review copy from Book Club Girl