Eating Heaven by Jennie Shortridge

Eating Heaven by Jennie Shortridge: Book Cover

Back of the book: Nothing gets Eleanor Samuels’s heart racing like a double scoop of mocha fudge chunk. Sure, the magazine writer may have some issues aside from food, but she isn’t quite ready to face them. Then her beloved Uncle Benny falls ill, and what at first seems scary and daunting becomes a blessing in disguise. Because while she cooks and cares for him-and enjoys a delicious flirtation with a new chef in town-Eleanor begins to uncover some long-buried secrets about her emotionally frayed family and may finally get the chance to become the woman she’s always wanted to be.

Eating Heaven is one of the best books I’ve read in a couple of years. It is smart, funny, sad, hopeful… and so much more. I recommend it to any reader looking for good fiction. It would be a great choice for a book club. So glad I read it and many thanks to my friend Jan who first brought it to my attention.