Espresso Shot by Cleo Coyle

Espresso Shot by Cleo Coyle: Book Cover

BN Synopsis: Manager and head barista of the bustling New York coffeehouse The Village Blend, Clare Cosi’s been hired to create a gourmet coffee and dessert bar for a swanky wedding. Clare should be thrilled at this chance to shine, but it’s Matteo Allegro, her ex-husband and current business partner, who’s tying the knot – to Trend magazine editor Breanne Summour, who’s in full-blown bridezilla mode. Claire’s got to put her misgivings aside and focus on business, but since she’s a successful amateur sleuth, murder is Clare’s business too. And when fatal accidents begin befalling people close to Breanne, Clare becomes suspicious. But what she unveils, amid melted chocolate and steaming mochaccinos, may just get her burned…
Well this was a fun book. My first Cleo Coyle and I really enjoyed it. I believe Espresso Shot is the 7th in the series but I didn’t feel lost. The mystery is fast-paced, funny, and filled with interesting characters. Although there were plenty of possibilities, I had no clue who the murderer was – and I liked that. I can say with certainty I’ll be back for another coffeehouse mystery…which will hopefully include even more Mike Quinn!

Thanks to Vickie for recommending this series. You can read her review here – check out her blog – it’s great!