Catholics by Brian Moore

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Back of the book: In the not-too-distant future, the Fourth Vatican Council has abolished private confession, clerical dress, and the Latin Mass, and opened discussions about a merger with Buddhism. Authorities in Rome are embarrassed by publicity surrounding a group of monks who stubbornly celebrate the old Mass in their island abbey off the coast of Ireland. The clever, assured Father Kinsella is dispatched to set things right. At Muck Abbey he meets Abbot Tomas, a man plagued by doubt who nevertheless leads his monks in the old ways.
I pulled this book off the TBR shelf over the weekend. I’m trying to clear the shelf this year so I joined the Read Your Own Books challenge. For the life of me, I can’t remember how I came to buy this book! At 140 pages it didn’t take long to read – more of a novella, to be sure. As I read I kept thinking what a great selection this would make for a parish book club. So much to discuss. The author was raised Catholic but pretty much tossed it all after leaving home. I Googled his name and read several articles, reviews and his London Times obituary. At one time, Graham Greene referred to Moore as his favorite living author. There are discussion questions at the end which I found helpful in digesting the book. I’ll finish with a quote from Catholics: How can a thing be a miracle one day and not a miracle the next day?