Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! by Fannie Flagg

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! by Fannie Flagg: Book Cover

B&N synopsis: …the story of Dena Nordstrom, a rising network TV anchorwoman in ’70s Manhattan, whose future is full of promise, whose present is rich with complications, and whose past is clouded by mystery.
Add a supporting cast of friends and family to Dena’s life and you’ve got an entertaining and satisfying novel. In Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! Fannie Flagg created characters who made me laugh, cry, and want to stand up and cheer. I’m a fan. Here’s one reason why:

Macky winked at Aunt Elner, “I tell you what . . . tomorrow I’ll go down and get your name tattooed right across my chest, OK?”

Norma was squirting Reddi Wip on the pudding and called out, “Don’t you dare. That’s all I need is for you to get yourself tattooed all up. Next thing you’d run off and join some motorcycle gang and be robbing banks. That’s all I need is to be married to some criminal.”

Macky looked at Aunt Elner, who already had her spoon in her hand waiting for dessert. “The woman is insane.”

“Yes, but she sure makes a good rice pudding.”