The Strength of a Sparrow by Tim Anders

The Strength of a Sparrow--Softcover

Back of the book: The Strength of a Sparrow is based on a true story – the story of the author’s parents. The character of a tenacious young woman, Bouvette Sherwood, who is a successful Broadway producer and actress, drives the plot. In the mid 1940s Bouvette meets and falls in love with a charming alcoholic, Hughie Hewitt. He has a secret though, which he keeps from her during their intense courtship – he is a Catholic priest. Their love story unfolds into a kaleidoscope of intrigue, betrayal, and romance.
Later in life she thought of writing a book exposing to the world what she had gone through but was afraid of the repercussions and embarrassment that doing so would cause her and the innocent around her. As an adolescent the author had many long conversations in regard to his mother’s life as a Broadway actress and her relationship with his father.
It must have taken a lot of courage for Tim Anders to write his parents’ story. Perhaps it was cathartic. It’s truly a heart-breaking tale that touched the lives of many people. I’d like to know more of what happened after Boo took the kids to California. There’s probably another book in that story! She was a remarkable woman who showed a strength of spirit not many people would be able to find, given the same circumstances. The Strength of a Sparrow is a tribute to Bouvette.
Thanks to the author and Alpine Publishing for sending me a copy of the book.