Tied to the Tracks by Rosina Lippi

Tied to the Tracks by Rosina Lippi: Book Cover

Back of the book: Angie Mangiamele runs a film company in Hoboken, New Jersey — a long way (in more ways than one) from Ogilvie, Georgia. But a new project has brought her to this small Southern town, where she stands out like a fire truck in a flower garden.
She’s been invited to Ogilvie by Miss Zula Bragg, the intensely private literary legend who’s agreed to appear in a documentary made by Angie’s highly unconventional crew. And there’s someone else in town Angie looks forward to seeing: John Grant, a descendant of Ogilvie’s founders, with whom she had a long-ago summer romance. But John’s wedding to the daughter of a prominent local family is just days away, and promises to be the sleepy town’s social event of the year. What could possibly go right?
Tied to the Tracks is the name of Angie’s documentary film company. In those old-time movies where someone is ‘tied to the tracks’ there was always a story of how that person came to be ‘tied to the tracks’. That’s what the film makers strive to do in their documentaries – tell the story. I found that very clever and funny – which is how I found the entire book. I liked the characters, cheered for most of them as well as booed and hissed the villains (keeping in the mood of the title and all). Rosina Lippi is a wonderful storyteller.