Testimony by Anita Shreve

Testimony by Anita Shreve: Book Cover

Book flap: At Avery Academy, A prestigious New England boarding school, the headmaster finds himself in possession of a videotape — a disaster in a small package. More shocking than the sexual acts recorded on the tape are the ages of the students. One girl is just fourteen.
A Pandora’s box, the tape unleashes a storm of shame and recrimination throughout the small community. The men, women, and teenagers involved speak out to relate the events of that night and their aftermath. Mike Bordwin, the headmaster, struggles to contain the scandal before it destroys the school. Silas Quinnery, a well-liked local boy, grapples with the tremendous consequences of his mistakes. Anna, his mother, confronts her own forbidden temptations. And Sienna, an enigmatic and troubled young woman, tries to put her past behind her.
For all the tape reveals, it provokes more questions than it answers. How did this happen? Who is to blame? And will the mistakes of one foolish moment ruin the futures of everyone involved? As the chorus of voices rises to the crescendo, it reveals the surprising truth of what occurred that night, and how the lives touched by these events will be forever transformed.
Wow. I began reading Testimony in the morning and only took small breaks for the rest of the day. I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t expect that, especially after the first ‘testimony’ describing the event. But, being a parent of three who are now all in their 20s, I completely bought into the book. I know this could happen!

I like how Shreve unfolds the story – through the eyes of everyone involved. I think she nailed the students’ voices. And I think she gives an accurate portrayal of today’s news media, sad to say.

To say I enjoyed the book would be wrong. I was taken in by the compelling, honest, and gripping story.
Thanks to Miriam at Hachette Book Group for sending me this book.