Dollar Daze by Karin Gillespie

Dollar Daze by Karin Gillespie: Book Cover

Back of the book: Moons and Junes are the flavors of the month for the Bottom Dollar Girls, whose sudden fondness for wooing and cooing has them in a Dollar Daze. From the night of the Sweetheart Dance, love begins blooming all over Cayboo Creek. Attalee, soda jerk at the Bottom Dollar Emporium, and her beau Dooley seem headed for the altar via Thrill Hill. But Elizabeth is pining for her newlywed days when she felt more like a wife than a mother, while widowed Mavis has been up nights nursing a case of loneliness. Not so for newspaper woman Birdie. “I’m glad my dating days are done,” she claims, and Gracie Tobias agrees that she, too, is “done with romance.” They couldn’t be more wrong.
Dollar Daze is the third installment of the Bottom Dollar Girls series. It continues the multi-generational story of a group of women in a small South Carolina town. They support each other through various situations with sensitivity and great humor. If you need a good laugh, these books will do the trick. I’ve chuckled and laughed out loud through the entire series. I hope Karin Gillespie has a 4th book ready to go soon.