But Come Ye Back by Beth Lordan

But Come Ye Back by Beth Lordan: Book Cover

Back of the book: For thirty-some years, Lyle has made a life for his family working as an accountant. But when he retires, his Irish-born wife, Mary, wants to leave America and go home – where the ocean is near and the butter has flavor.
Somewhat grudgingly, Lyle agrees, but during their years in Galway, they discover that the surprises of life are not over. Going home is more complicated than butter and the bay, and thirty content years does not mean that a couple is immune to romantic intrigue. In this new life, while Mary and Lyle are rediscovering each other and building a richer life together, an unexpected event forces Lyle to decide where his home truly is.
I so wanted to like this book. The description on the back gave me high hopes but, in the end, I found it lacking. The book is told in connected but separate stories. It begins with Mary and Lyle Sullivan deciding to move to Galway for their retirement. Interesting, right? Well, maybe a little. It moved to curious and then rather boring stories. It ended flat, I thought. I suppose that’s how some people’s lives are but I expected more.