High Five/Hot Six by Janet Evanovich

When I began reading the Stephanie Plum series everyone told me to have Hot Six ready to read after finishing High Five. That time was this week and they were right! I enjoyed both books. They were so entertaining that I’m very tempted to jump into Seven Up. But I’ll wait. I made an exception this month in that I read two Plum books when my rule has been only one per month.

I’ve felt like the last reader on the planet to discover this series so I’m glad I finally got on board. Hot Six made me laugh out loud more than any book I’ve ever read. Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur moves in with her for a short while and the hilarity ensues. One more thing, you may be familiar with the Edward/Jacob choice that Bella has in the Twilight series. Well, that doesn’t hold a candle to Stephanie’s choice between Morelli and Ranger. Glad I don’t have to make that one!