Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo

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From the back of the book: Louis Charles Lynch (also known as Lucy) is sixty years old and has lived in Thomaston, New York, his entire life. He and Sarah, his wife of forty years, are about to embark on a vacation to Italy. Lucy’s oldest friend, once a rival for his wife’s affection, leads a life in Venice far removed from Thomaston. Perhaps for this reason Lucy is writing the story of his town, his family, and his own life that makes up this rich and mesmerizing novel, interspersed with that of the native son who left so long ago and has never looked back.
As I read Bridge of Sighs I kept coming back to the thought that it’s all about the secrets and lies we tell others and ourselves about our lives. The truth as we want it. The best possible truth – which usually leads to feelings of guilt and inadequacy. But people do what they need to do to get by – to deal with the actual truths that shape their lives. This is the story of the Lynch family and others who do just that.

I have to say I was really wondering when and where it (the story) would finally end… until the last 200 pages. That’s when it turned into the book I didn’t want to end. If you’re a fan of Richard Russo this book should not disappoint. I hope he has more books in him because I’m not ready to be finished reading them.