Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth by Beth Teitell

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From the back of the book: Women today are being told that we can have it all, including the twenty-year-old face and body we didn’t even have when we were twenty.

Beth Teitell (From Here to Maternity) gives a humorous but informative look at the world of looking younger. From fashion tips to surgical procedures, and just about everything in between, Teitell has done the legwork for us. And she actually makes it an enjoyable experience to read about it. In the end, though, it all comes down to how one feels about herself (in my humble opinion, that is). That said, I especially like the “ten tips that work, and won’t break your budget, eat up your time, or make you wonder about your own priorities” at the end of the book.
This is a review of an ARC and is due to be published in October 2008.