The Downhill Lie by Carl Hiaasen

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From the book flap: Ever wonder how to retrieve a sunken golf cart from a snake-infested lake? Or which club in your bag is best suited for combat against a horde of rats? If these and other sporting questions are gnawing at you, The Downhill Lie, Carl Hiaasen’s hilarious confessional about returning to the fairways after a thirty-two-year absence, is definitely the book for you.
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My daughter gave this book to my husband for Father’s Day. After he read it, I decided to read it for the Southern Reading Challenge. The book fits the challenge in the strictest terms: written by a Southerner and takes place in the South. I haven’t read any of Hiaasen’s fiction but I’ve seen his books in stores and mentioned in blogs. He had me laughing throughout the book. That said, I’m not a golfer by any definition. (Sorry Mom and Dad, those summers spent taking lessons at the club just didn’t take). For as much as Hiaasen claims to not like golf, he sure waxed poetic more than a few times. The game just doesn’t do it for me (make me want to wax poetic, that is). My husband enjoyed the book – but he also enjoys hacking his way (his words) around 18 at least once a week. If you enjoy the game, you’ll probably enjoy this book. If you don’t enjoy the game, but play, you’ll probably enjoy this book!