Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs

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Augusta “Gus” Simpson, about to turn 50, hosts a show on the Cooking Channel. She has worked there for years and is starting to wonder if she is being nudged out because she doesn’t attract the desired demographic audience. She is forced into a new show and pressured to make it work with a young, beautiful co-host.

Gus is also a mother of two 20-something daughters. They deal with their own issues and can barely tolerate her interference in their lives anymore. She has been a single parent for almost 20 years so she’s used to being in control. She’s having a tough time giving up control in job AND parent arenas. Therein lies the story.

The book is filled with interesting support characters and the story is tied up with a pretty bow at the end. I found myself imagining this would make a cute movie and it should air on the Food Network. They could do a “Dinner & a Movie” presentation. The food described in the book sounded delicious. Warning: this book may make you hungry!