Flying Changes by Sara Gruen

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From the back of the book: It is a time of change at Maple Brook horse farm, when loves must be confronted head-on and fears must be saddled and broken. But it is an unanticipated tragedy that will most drastically alter the fragile world of one remarkable family – even as it flings open gates that have long confined them, enabling them all to finally ride headlong and free.
Flying Changes continues the story of Annemarie Zimmer. Annemarie’s life is consumed with teaching and helping to run the farm. Dan (the love of her life) is gone a lot on horse rescue trips. They rarely see each other which leads her to wonder if their relationship is going anywhere. Daughter Eva has taken to riding. She still has her own issues and is finding herself in trouble more and more. I liked this book as much, if not more than Riding Lessons. Sara Gruen shapes the characters into believable people. I enjoyed reading about the horses. I think this book could be read without reading the first, but I suggest reading Riding Lessons first because you’ll have a better understanding of the growth the characters experience in the second book.