Prisoner of Memory by Denise Hamilton

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Back of the book: L.A.’s Russian community is about to pull Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond, herself the daughter of Russian immigrants, into a stunning spiral of danger and intrigue. When Eve discovers the body of an emigre scientist’s teenage son in Griffith Park, unraveling the execution-style shooting places her on the most personal – and dangerous- story of her career. Eve steps into the crossfire between old and new worlds, where an enigmatic Cold War spy lures her on, an underworld killer warns her not to go deeper, and where a charming stranger claiming to be her cousin might be drawing her into the sights of a brilliant, vengeful killer.
Prisoner of Memory interested me most because it wasn’t just a “who done it”. There is post- Cold War intrigue, new personal information about the main character (Eve Diamond), and a bit of insight to immigrants of a new country. I’ve enjoyed all of Hamilton’s Eve Diamond books and look forward to the next. If you decide to read them, I suggest doing so in order. One thing disappointed me – not enough Silvio ;~)