Jon Hassler

Jon Hassler died last week. He had progressive supranuclear palsy which is similar to Parkinson’s disease. He was 74 years old. Hassler grew up in a small town in north-central Minnesota. After college, he taught high school and college English before starting his writing career.

Though very ill, he finished the book Jay O’Malley a few weeks before his death. Jon Hassler

In the LA Times obituary it was noted “He didn’t publish his first novel, Staggerford, a semi-autobiographical story about a high school teacher in a small town, until his early 40s.” His other books include: Simon’s Night; The Love Hunter; A Green Journey; North of Hope; Dear James.

Angela Landsbury starred in the television version of A Green Journey. I’ve read most of his novels and am saddened to think there will be no more. Jon Hassler will be missed.