January 2008 Books

World Without End (Ken Follett)

Cover Image                        Cover Image

One For the Money (Janet Evanovich)
The Manning Sisters (Debbie Macomber)
16 Lighthouse Road (Macomber)  
204 Rosewood Lane (Macomber)
311 Pelican Court (Macomber)
44 Cranberry Point (Macomber)
World Without End was ok and, like Pillars of the Earth, I think the story could have been told in about half the pages.
I read the other books along with the Follett.  I needed a break from the 1300s (and a 1000+ page book).  I enjoyed my first Evanovich (Thanks Lynne!) and also the Macomber Cedar Cove series.   The Manning Sisters is a reprint of 2 Macomber books from the 1990s.